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Understanding Planned Obsolescence

Discover what planned obsolescence means for consumers and the environment. Learn to navigate this common practice...

Global Recycling Day: Save Money Recycling

Global Recycling Day is a crucial reminder of our collective responsibility towards the planet. It’s not just about saving the environment; it’s also about leveraging opportunities for economic gain. One of them is recycling electronic...

ESG in Dubai: Environmental, Social and Governance

Step-by-step guide on ESG compliance in Dubai. Essential tips for effective ESG reporting for companies in the UAE...

The Importance of the E-waste Recycling in Dubai

Understand why e-waste needs to be recycled. Discover the best practices of electronic waste disposal in Dubai...

Corporate Recycling and E-Waste Management: Sustainable Business Practices in Dubai

Boost your brand through effective corporate recycling and e-garbage solutions in the UAE...

Future Sustainability Forum 2023

The Future Sustainability Forum 2023, started this morning with H.E. Minister Almheiri's update on the COP28 coming and the UAE's net-zero roadmap. The event also witnessed key figures pledging towards a net-zero UAE by 2050, marking a significant...

WAT at the Recycling Plastic Show 

🌱♻️ We Are Tech (WAT) at the Recycling Plastic Show ♻️🌱WAT was thrilled to participate in the Recycling Plastic Show (RPS) last week! It was a great opportunity to connect with amazing individuals and companies all dedicated to tackling the pressing...

Waste Management and Circular Economy Conference

Our team had the privilege of attending yesterday’s « Waste Management and Circular Economy Conference » at the Address Dubai Marina. 📢 It was an outstanding event that brought together top experts in the field. 💡💚 We had the opportunity to...

In5 Science, a new step to Sustainability!

Today was a new milestone for the year of sustainability with the opening of In5 Science, the newest addition to the In5 ecosystem, in collaboration with Dubai Science Park. With COP28 UAE on the horizon, the launch of #in5Science couldn’t come...


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